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Powders dosing machine - Powders dispensers

"The Roxane powder dosing machine work on a wide range of types of powders. Granules, crystals, fine powders, pigments, can be removed and dosed from mg to gr accuracy. Efficiency and repeatability are the key words of Roxane powders dispensers."



- Very low power consumption: 400 Watt/h in continuous operation enabling a more economical and environmentally friendly production.

- All powder dosing machine are ATEX with optional certifications.     Normes ATEX

- Real-time Inventory Management.

- Optimization of positions of the raw materials according to their uses.

- Programming sequences according to a schedule.

- All these possibilities can be programmed remotely.

- Industrial quality construction, entirely in stainless steel 304 or 316.- Roxane powder dosing machine can be combined with machines such as the Roxane K, or be completely independent and autonomous.

- Each Roxane powder dosing machine can be equipped with one or more hoppers (tanks) with capacity of 6 liters, 8.5 liters, 10 liters and 20 liters.

- The accuracy of the weighing and the capacity of dosing are based on scales used. Several types of scales can be used in each machine if necessary.

- The scales used are METTLER and they offer different operating ranges:

  • 200 gr range¬†with a 0.1 mg accuracy;
  • 1.2 kg range¬†with a 1 mg accuracy;
  • 5.1 kg range with a 1 mg accuracy;
  • 6.1 kg range with a 10 mg accuracy;
  • 32 kg range with a 1 gr accuracy.